RiMoResources iMotion - describes all resources of an enterprise and their changes. As a full inegrated Service Operations Platform designed for smart operations an seamless collaboration without organizational or geographical boundaries.                    

In our model, on one hand, resources are objects and materials, 
like buildings, shafts, ducts, cables, splice boxes, etc., 
and on the other hand persons, locations, contracts, etc. 

These resources change their state (location, status, responsibility, and so on) during their lifecycle. RiMo not only plans and operates, but shows relations as well as changes and makes them transparent.


Basically, RiMo differs between 2 perfectly-matched areas of activities. On the one hand our Business Support Solutions -  RiMo BSS. On the other hand RiMo manages all network information -  RiMo FTTx.

RiMo BSS - Business Support Solutions

RiMo supports and optimizes all business processes like time management, invoicing and projet management. It provides an effective control of large, distributed or complex projects an increase efficiency by reducing workload for employees and less administrative work.    

Optimized Workflows

RiMo supports and optimizes all business processes like
  • time management
  • offer and order management inkcluding invoice approval
  • materials management & logistics
  • project management
  • trouble ticketing and much else...

Consulting & Support

Each company has it's own requirements. RiMo can be customized to specific customer targets and interfaces.

RiMo is the ideal solution for companies of all sizes. It is avaliable as Software-as-a-Service for smaller and medium companies or as on-premise for large companies. 

RiMo FTTx - e2e-Solutions for FTTx-networks

RiMo - your booster for FTTx planning, construction & operation. The perfect interaction of automatization, project management, ERP, logistics and operations - One product for all phases

From the beginning, RiMo was designed for maximizing productivity and ef-ficiency.

This is achieved by integration of an object-oriented state-of-the-art database, an integrated workflow-engine, an open enterprise service bus to a fully web-based solution.

With a complete set of network management functions like automatic high-level & detailed design, BOQ, order & project management, Logistics, reporting & controlling, incident & workforce management combined with the possibility to control processes with workflows, all phases of the network life-cycle are fully covered.

RiMo offers all the functions which a passive infrastructure provider needs to build, plan and operate a FTTx-network. This is of utmost importance, because a network, in every component, shows this different phases at the same time.

The monitoring dashboards give the user full control over the network.


RiMo pursues one goal: It wants to enable the network operators to have control over the whole value- and process-chain with one common interface, one single application, one technology and the know-how, all from a single source...     

Cable & Asset Management

"The capital of a fixed-network provider lies invisible in the ground – the knowledge about it in RiMo."

It is obvious that the planning and architecture of optical networks is very complex and time-consuming. RiMo enables an inexperienced user to create an optimally planned FTTx-network after just a short training period. 

Fast & optimized as never before

Automated network planning based on specific customer targets. From the first input to finished execution plans of all development areas within less days.

Automation and wizards remove the burden of time-consuming and error-prone routine tasks from RiMo-users. Because of this, approximately 4.000 demand points a day can be planned in draft planning.

Effectively, transparent & neutral

Transparency and neutrality are the corner support of effective cooperation. 

All users work with and on the same data within the same tool. Up to 80% less expenditure for project management and data distribution.

End-2-End - Prozesses

Planning, construction and operations - RiMo supports all phases.

RiMo consistently builds on data evolution. The disadvantage of separated solutions is a loss of control and knowledge of the current status. One view - one truth. Therefore, all users have the same view on the data in real-time. The network owner always has full access to all changes of the network.

Rollout and digitalization in the field

RiMo follows the principle: “Data should be digitized where it accrues”. Using this approach, the additional effort for documentation and information distri-bution will decrease. Additional errors are easier to find and avoid.

Fitting to each role and function RiMo offers the respective access, views and tools – WEB and APP.

The RiMo Field Force APP gives the construction managers the possibility of “In field” documentation, progress confirmation, uploading photos or Red li-ning directly with their mobile phone or tablet. Therefore the number of er-rors and effort for documentation and reporting is minimized. The receiving and transfer of materials/goods can be accomplished by App as well. This again helps to streamline the logistic and accounting process.


... for more information round about RiMo and the e2e-Solutions for FTTx Networks please join our folder  folder_rimo.pdf (6.54 MB) or contact us directly rimo.info@spl-tele.com

Below, Andy is going to show you the benefits of RiMo compared with other "tools"...

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